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Flat Handled Takeaway Bags / SOS Bags

Our SOS Brown & White bags are high quality takeaway paper carrier bags with strong handles.
The size of these bags come in Small (7'' x 3.5'' x 8.5") or Medium
(8" x 4" x 10") and Large (12" x 5'' x 15.5'')
(this represents the width x depth x base width when opened).

These bags are strong and versatile 80gsm bags and can stand on their own once packed.
  • Used by restaurants, take-away shops, cafe's, shops, canteens, stalls and are becoming used in more places due to being eco-friendly. Also, you will not need to charge your customers the Government Carrier Bag Tax as they replace the plastic carrier bag!
  • Great for birthday parties, arts and krafts and even in schools as they can be printed on or drawn on to add that personal touch.​​​​​​​